Market Observations

Q2 2018

We speak daily with high tech software companies and candidates in the greater Boston area and people frequently ask for our observations regarding current job market conditions and hiring practices. Each quarter, we compile our observations from these conversations and make them available to our network. Please note, these are not predictions or based on any numerical data.

The Boston high-tech market continued to be very strong in Q2 and demand for outbound marketing professionals drove most of our activity this past quarter. Their solution targeted the large enterprise market. This was true of our startup clients as well as medium size companies.

  • Branding and Awareness
  • Demand Generation
  • Positioning and Messaging
  • Sales Enablement
  • Product Launch

Hiring managers and their teams were busy dealing with the general demands of the business and the hiring process tended to be lengthy. Managers who engaged candidates and were able to keep the process moving had the best success. When the process is delayed, candidates tend to shift their focus towards other opportunities available in the market.

This past quarter we observed some of the larger companies assessing their organizations identifying gaps and areas of overlapping staff resulting in the elimination of certain positions while hiring talent with needed skills and experience.

We’ve continued to accept marketing assignments from offshore software companies looking to expand their presence in the US market. As the economy has improved, they’re looking to gain a larger foothold in the critically important US market.

The top 3 positions most in demand in Q2:

  • Product Marketing Manager/Director
  • Demand Generation Manager/Director
  • Marketing Manager/Director

Commute continues to be a complex issue when companies consider candidates and candidates consider opportunities. Most of our small software clients are looking for candidates to be in the office and the trend of locating their businesses in downtown Boston has continued. Good news for candidates who live in town, however Boston proper can be a challenge for candidates located in the suburbs.

Who's Hiring?

Woodlyn Partners had activity in the following technology areas in Q2:

  • Big Data/Analytics Software
  • Cloud-platform for continuous testing
  • Cybersecurity Software
  • DevOps Testing Software
  • Enterprise Software Provider
  • Mobile Data Collection Software
  • Spatial Intelligence Platform
  • Telephony Integration Solution
  • Third Party Risk Management

The outlook for the 2nd half of 2018 is positive. As we head into summer, the interview process typically does slow down due to people being out on vacation, however companies do hire this time of year. Have a great summer!

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