Youíre excited about your new opportunity and canít wait to get started. You may feel uncomfortable as you approach this final step but remember you deserve this opportunity to grow your career and experience.

When you resign it should be done in a professional way. Remember this company and the relationships while working there are part of your employment history and future references. How you handle this final step will allow you to consider these people part of your network of contacts throughout your career.

  • Always present a written resignation letter effective on the date you resign and give a notice period of typically 2 weeks. It gets very uncomfortable staying longer than 2 weeks even though you don’t want to leave them in a bind. This is considered the standard notice period and you owe it to yourself to get started in your new opportunity.
  • Your resignation letter should be short expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to work for them.
  • Tell your manager you have accepted an offer and an exceptional opportunity that you are excited about.
  • Let your manager know you will work with them to help during the transition period over the next 2 weeks.
  • Be positive and keep the conversation short.
  • Your manager may ask you if there is anything they can do to change your mind. Tell your manager this is an opportunity to grow your experience and the right career move for you.
  • This is NOT an opportunity for you to vent, criticize the company or your co-workers. You want to leave a positive impression rather than leave on a negative note.