“Woodlyn Partners brings local expertise, High Technology industry experience and a partnership approach that makes them a critical part of our staffing initiatives. The Woodlyn Team makes the investment in understanding your business needs and your hiring requirements so that they can present highly qualified candidates. Their hard work has allowed us to save time and effort in building our team with superior sales talent."

- Vice President of Sales

“Woodlyn Partners have been instrumental in helping me find the perfect marketing candidates. They helped me fill three critical positions in a very short space of time by listening carefully to the position requirements, tapping their extensive network, and working like a team with me to court the top candidates."

Vice President of Marketing

“Thanks once again for a very positive experience. As usual, Woodlyn has provided us with quality candidates and a highly transparent process. All the candidates were very well qualified and no surprises along the way with our candidate interactions."

- Vice President

“I couldn't be more pleased working with Woodlyn Partners.  I found Woodlyn to be a valuable coach and partner as I went through the hiring process. I highly recommend Woodlyn to hiring managers looking for top talent and for A players seeking to make a strategic career move."

- Chief Marketing Officer

“Woodlyn Partners brings a unique value from the combination of deep understanding of who's hiring, what's going on in the market, and what companies are hot with the ability to understand a clients' needs, personality and core skill sets.  I worked with Woodlyn Partners on 2 job searches over the past 10 years and in both cases they helped me successfully land jobs at companies that were a perfect match for me professionally and personally.”

- Director Product Marketing

“I’ve worked with the team at Woodlyn for the past several years.  They have always provided the necessary guidance, and expertise, to help us find the right qualified candidates for sales and marketing roles.   I highly recommend Woodlyn Partners for companies that need to scale their business, especially those in high tech markets that want to leverage newer Sales and Marketing 2.0 methodologies.”

- Vice President of Sales

"I partner with Woodlyn Partners to fill important positions because I know they will present the most appropriate candidates in the market due to their extensive experience, knowledge and network in technology sales and marketing.  I always recommend Woodlyn Partners to my colleagues and friends." 

- VP of Marketing

"“Finding a top marketing manager was key to continuing to fuel the growth and success of our organization. Woodlyn Partners was very responsive to taking on a challenging search and successfully identified strong talent for this important role.”

- Senior VP Marketing